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Students can choose to take one class (either Salsa or Bachata/Merengue), two classes (Salsa and Bachata/Merengue) or join the company team.  Classes are held every Saturday. It is paid by a monthly fee, due at the first of every month. The Conditioning class is included in the monthly fee, but is optional for students who are not members of the company team. Regular mandatory additional classes, to be scheduled based on availability of students' schedules, will also be held during the week for the company team. Optional weekday classes will also be available for students not on the company team.


1 Class (Salsa or Bachata/Merengue): $60

2 Classes (Salsa and Bachata/Merengue) $100

3 Classes (Company Team) $150

Discounts for siblings and boys are available.


** Please note that additional world renowned instructors are paid for with this fee! (company team fee

***additional rehearsals + classes will be paid for, unless told otherwise

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