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As a latin dance studio, Alisa's House of Salsa teaches all kinds of dancing and musical styles. Below are class descrptions that are currently being taught.

Beginner Salsa

The Beginner Salsa class introduces you to basic footwork and dance positions. You will become familiar with the rhythm and technique of the music, as well as become comfortable with leading and following.

Mixed Level Salsa

The Mixed Salsa class builds on the basics learned in Beginner Salsa. You will be introduced to men's and women's styling, and intermediate variations and patterns. More advanced turns, styling and syncopated footwork will be taught.

Mixed Level Bachata

The Mixed Level Bachata class teaches basic as well as more advanced steps, spins and hop movements. Students will learn multiple patterns, different hand positions, and specific turn patterns in partner-work. There is also an emphasis on smooth body movements and transitions.


The Kizomba classes teaches the basic steps so that partners can walk and move together smoothly to the rhythms of Kizomba music. You will learn common step patterns, and how to move to the core rhythms in the dance as well as isolations and controlled transitions.

Kids Classes

The all-new House of Salsa Dance Company will start by providing children with opportunities to learn salsa, bachata and merengue. Recitals are held twice a year where family and friends are invited. For students who are interested in becoming more involved, students can join the House of Salsa Company team and gain access to more intense training as well as opportunities to perform all over the country.

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